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The Best Prices On Refurbished HP Printers


Refurbished Printers


Do you know what your business spends on print?


Each unit we procure must be fully tested once we receive in our warehouse. We test each unit and all options before they ever are sent to the refurbishing process. All printers have standard wear parts (rollers, fusers) and non-wear parts (motors, fans.) However, after many engine cycles, non-wear parts can fail. For this reason, we put a maximum number of engine cycles allowed on all machines. This varies by model. After the initial audit the units are determined to be parts machines for refurbished machines. Units sent for refurbishing go through the following processes.


1. Each machine is tested again before breakdown
2. All covers removed and sent to be cleaned
3. Unit is blown out from toner and dust
4. Solenoids, swing plates, gears, pickup assemblies inspected/replaced as needed
5. Rest of interior unit inspected and cleaned
6. Pickup/feed rollers, transfer roller, fuser, transfer belts replaced
7. All covers painted as needed to match OEM specs and inspected before rebuild
8. All options tested on each unit
9. Unit is fully tested. All trays/mp trays tested
10. Firmware is updated and page count reset to 0
11. All serial number labels on covers match to configuration page serial number
12. Each unit ships with a power cord in a double-wall foam box
13. Box is labeled with part number, description, and serial number